Go Girl Only, Only for us girls!

The butterfly that symbolizes the brand Go Girl Only, embodies that the watch company aims to be : harmonious and beautiful.

The brand’s unique range of timepieces was first created when French watchmaker SMB noticed that there were no watches being made specifically for young girls. The company understood that this section of the market had particular expectations of their watches, wanting them not just to tell the time, but also to reflect fashion, attitude and their own individuality and personality.

With this in mind, in 2005 the company developed a line of feminine and affordable watches that were designed to be fashion accessories as well as timepieces and also had a distinctive charm and originality.

Girls have their own collection specially studied and created for them. Only one name on all the lips: GO !

As the butterfly, symbol of the brandname, all the universe of GO is intentionally fresh, light, colored, optimistic, harmonious, attractive, impertinent, innovative…

GO watches are stylish accessories reflecting the latest French and international fashion trends.

Since its creation, GO remains loyal to its values: introduce watches which the style, the price and the creativity answer to their crush.

GO watches have been created to become the reflect of themselves, according to their personality or their mood of the moment…

It’s time to go!

About SMB Company

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